Mom Network Kitchen successful business startup with teardrop banner promotion

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"Mom Network Kitchen acceptable day scheduled to provide the kind of consumer choice dining may be beyond the normal lunch shop many times, side dishes can be personalized, more to go back in the morning of the day of temporary 23:00 the day before. For example in the web page up and down single cancel, at the latest by 10:00 the next morning, her mother's share of health checks, the office workers to the daily eating.

As to whether to accept the outgoing orders depends on two factors, first, the next small number in the same office, but all under a single office placement are in a convenient path. Second, the single number in the same office for more than 5 can be dedicated outgoing.

"Mom Network Kitchen" begins in 30 years ago, the family foundry transformation, to become OEM office workers lunch by experienced shopper. 4-5 individuals can open the door to do business as the core members, it is best to have more than 10 years preparing meals for the family experience of great importance to the health of housewives. They can be retired family or their children to school free configuration time housewife, a bit of knowledge of computer. Outdoor teardrop banner stood around the main commercial district is the main way used to increased the exposure of the website.

The most significant feature of the Web page menu, the supply of the type of option depends on the price at the time, the mother maturity to control the types of dishes, plus on sale the day before the network under a single interface, the next morning to buy list of the dishes can be decided.


However, pricing is the key. 20 kinds of side dish on the menu, in the end each attached vegetables supply the how much the amount (weight x g), present their shoppers 10 years of familiarity with the market. Another profit lies in distribution. Seeking efficient distribution, there must be the best path concept, a combination of time and space to be cost-effective, small numbers, and locations the stronghold deviate from the spindle too far orders as much as possible, the business office on the same road as much as possible .

Also import customer management CRM concepts, often ordered to go back on the customer to do on the mark, often ordered to go back on the company line numbers have to do mark, similar to the concept of risk management, transaction more than 2 times go back on the behavior, the significant increase in the risk of default of the object, the mother internet kitchen should begin its negative marketing, or reduce the proportion of its total revenue. On the contrary, more and more Custom customers may consider promotion of other high-value-added goods, such as afternoon tea, snacks, cut fruit, drinks and so on.

Expansion of additional services, but also a science. If the customers want to eat McDonald's hamburger enough, as long as the order number, pick up outgoing delivery service. Help even sent a large number of the registered letter, the premise is the only service in the Community stronghold within 3 km, in order to maintain efficiency and profitability.

Chengchi University, director of the Institute of Technology Management, Graduate, is sent outside the restaurant attached great importance to the insulation, which means that the outgoing range is limited; whether this innovative than the original restaurant, fast food car what consumers are willing to spend much money acquired value, must ponder.

Evergreen accompany

Senior citizens, low birth rate is a very clear trend in Europe, Japan and other advanced countries, US will be in another 10 years into the society of the elderly;, children are busy at work, then there is a suitable companion, regardless of outdoor recreation such as hiking Add fun, fishing, and more to increase security in Northern Europe, specifically to accompany the elderly chat the "Evergreen accompany the Occupational already exists.

Small Gui served as the manager of the company, but because the Indian customer visits, no way to leave accompanied his father to the Veterans General Hospital doctor, when he picked up the phone and called Auntie Lin, she Mackay Memorial Hospital nurse, Mike, please Auntie Lin with his father to the referral, which is typical evergreen companionship opportunities.

Common needs is to to accompany go to the hospital diagnoses and prescriptions. At present, most of the general household rely on foreign caregivers, the problem is when the onset of the disease, the language has become the biggest obstacle to the emergency Evergreen companionship can reduce the risk of such immediately.

In fact, most of the time there are many elderly people do not know what to do, often in elderly hospital and three to five good friends playing mahjong, so evergreen the companionship is responsible for rotation to play mahjong, in addition, to go out to visit an old friend, the outing is a good activity health and well, the problem is that these activities could not let the elderly alone Evergreen companionship but also play her value.

However, due to the ailments of old folk, the service providers must be patient, careful, it is best to have basic health care, first aid, for example, still read nursing school students to work, or retirees by the nurses in the workplace, and without any hardware device support.

The impatient "You tap okay?" White-haired Mrs. Chang said, accompanied by his staff, which is elderly care often predictable. Many elderly people because of physical discomfort, bad temper, coupled with sometimes enunciation is not very clear, and care staff often misunderstood, apparently was also the evergreen companionship must face the problem.

Cost, Evergreen accompany the simple divided into two categories first, accompanied by charges in accordance with the endpoint. Another companionship of charge, alliances and discount stores customers a month to spend a certain amount above the designated goods. Example, Evergreen accompany the company signed a contract and Carrefour, their customers each month must Carrefour to buy a certain number of crackers, diapers for the elderly, nutrition milk powder, vitamins and so on.

Evergreen companionship also exist the derivatives business opportunities. Mr. Zhang is a chronic patients need to regularly back to the hospital receive your medicine may not always need referral may be very inconvenient to collar drug out of the sliding door, evergreen companionship can regularly help a community within the customer collar drug Maybe a week are getting calls every day.

This mode is feasible? Chengchi University, director of the Institute of Technology Management, Graduate remind innovators should be very clear on the supply side, not to guarantee on the quality of service to customers? How do you know this person in the past have not hit patients? Evergreen companionship company is not trying to become a matching platform, assurance personnel to close at 30,000 yuan a month, the company pumped into month 10%? In the end how much does it cost the customer can accept it? The innovators must think about where the value of the services provided by.

In other words, if the entrepreneur can solve to answer the above questions, coupled with on behalf of labor and trying to share the care of their parents pressure Evergreen opportunities naturally into wealth.

Anniversaries small secretary

Network of people is money clock, want to expand their network? Lee vice president is to work in the SME chagrin, a few days ago to visit customer data are not yet finishing 20 a few business cards still clip inside, he did not ask the Clerk, but that he has always been curious personal contacts Where are the limits of network? Is limited by the data management capabilities? Can not remember the birthday of all customers? Is there a way to solve this problem?

Anniversaries secretary "Company specifically address the needs of individuals in interpersonal management, business card too much too late finishing this? If you want every two days to visit, understanding a client, and then throughout the year to prepare 183 customers gift, how to remember their characteristics, everyone likes things? And how do differences? But also take into account the costs? Gift of clients and their loved ones confused how to do?

Now fast-paced life, in addition to the maintenance of the relationship between the work and the customers overall interpersonal management more important "life success" is probably the one who university asked, If you simply rely on the the computer OFFICE software's Outlook calendar, the probably slow anxious If you rely on high-end phones SMART PHONE, not everyone will carry, not to mention the fear of a tight-knit interpersonal relationships is not simple computer input can afford the case gave the gift of the Father of the Bride mistakenly sent to the company Executive, Outlook can not pay, you need more detailed human judgment and management, the anniversary of the secretary to provide this functionality.

Anniversaries small secretary on auction sites, blogs, opening its doors in order to come into contact with the customer, the customer wishes to mark the anniversary of filing, tracking the recipient and the date, to understand the habits and needs of the giver (customers) side broadcast phone alert customers to the gift-giving season, asking the other hand, the choice of gifts, and then go to the market to find suitable products from small secretary, encountered merger and acquisition opportunity to save money, and then ask the customer wishes. If necessary, small secretary had to complete the last link to the gifts personally to the expense.

For example, on the eve of Mother's Day, Lee deputy chief of the anniversary of the secretary's telephone, in addition to the gifts remind Mr. Lee's Mother's Day last year, and told him this year, a variety of foot massage machine market, and which department store teardrop banner promotional activities and, more importantly, he told a Mr. Lee A general manager of the company also intends to buy as a Mother's Day gift, ask Lee vice president willingness to buy together, have the opportunity to get 65% off the price. Valentine secretary even when the office of the vice president Lee sent his wife to bring surprises.

Want to be the anniversary secretary fact, it is not difficult, as long as it is carefully, rich interpersonal experience, for example, a public relations firm background or school guidance counselor, Also gift message construct complete information networks, such as department stores, boutique counter experience, but also to familiarize themselves with the calendar operation concepts and tools, with patience and good telephone communication to handle the inquiry that is generated from the Teardrop Banners.

Director of the Institute of Technology Management, Graduate pointed out that, compared to other innovative models for excellence, in this case more emphasis on the relationship of trust, he jokingly said, users should interpersonal exposure in front of a small secretary, for example, who is the first No. girlfriend ... who is the No. 2 Girlfriend ... requires a high degree of mutual trust, and this trust how the price Moreover, busy managers the same regular habit accountable secretary innovators must think better added value.

Morning business opportunities

The early bird catches the worm, which previously taught primary school students; fact, really is also true, as long as you get up early every day, "the morning business opportunities" can make you rich in their own pockets, because available to get up early Service.

Too high, the cost of operating a camp newspaper, if you operate, in fact, do not need that high entry conditions, simple is business itself close to home customers, to provide any service that morning, for example, serving breakfast, milk, etc.; a Newspaper subscribers also need to accept the newspaper delivery service? It may need such as goat's milk and other services, maybe he does not like to read the newspaper every day, when the need to look like; these is likely to be potential customers for morning business opportunities.

Mrs. Lee every day to prepare breakfast for the President and two elementary school children. However, these days she was sick, so she can be on a "mission will be to" site scheduled for the future requirements of a week: Monday, Hamburg, Tuesday is fried fritters, Wednesday, sandwiches, etc., and the President want to try every day the newspaper, Apple Daily and the China Times want to see.

Chengchi University, director of the Institute of Technology Management, Graduate For those who want to operate "the morning business opportunities", it is necessary to have a habit of getting up early, own transport and familiar location. Can accept the three days before the scheduled service content from newspapers, breakfast, car rental, to assist with the pet to go for a walk, to send their children to school, and telephone contact with the hard-working, active concern about what needs, you can adopt the applicable period of one month, according to monthly charge or charges may be in accordance with the service days. The unique features is early in the morning to be the mission will be.

However, the entrepreneur must be thinking: each building administrator may be your competitors; goat's milk is not your newspaper is not you; Therefore, you have to find the value of their integration.