3 new business that success with retractable banner stand promotion

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Customized portrait bread

Want to eat opponents stomach it? Portrait bakery can help you find one! Xiaoru birthday party with friends "grazing" usually nasty boss, her colleagues Eqian on the Internet to set the the company boss shape of bread, and photos to the bakery that displayed on retractable banner stand, they will complete the three samples pass the back, Aqian picked a long image, although each unit price is very expensive, it is as everyone gave Xiaoru birthday gift.

This innovative thinking is very simple, since cake can accept customized, bread and of course you can. Portrait bakeries' demand for top-off layer, special party made photo provided by the customer to do the mold, for example, customers want 10 Wang Jianmin bread distribution family and friends; consumers to make the 10th anniversary like the bread to be made chairman of the board, or customized competitors, chairman like bread; husband and wife celebrate 20 years of marriage, participate in The Wedding Banquet, friends and family together again a year and enjoy the new wedding also common Share the groom, the bride and the shape of bread!

In fact, four p.m. every day, every family bakery were wearing signs, all customer groups that want to eat the freshest bread freshly baked, must also be purchased in the same period, in fact, these are already out of date, customer passive the baker's finished, is not the only way the consumer, in the future, you can buy, made their own bread, at a specific time to receive.


Domestic IC design companies stress customized to meet customer needs, and building products for A client can not be applied to B customers, in fact, general consumer goods also can do this - as long as more than a little time to master. So a customized bread scheduled existence play space, as long as the orders in advance, you can go to receive specific bread, my parents set a good bread, pick up can also be called children.

Even in other conditions, can also do customization. For example, to the baker reaction requires the concentration of cheese, or use the material level with vanilla powder or vanilla bar? Use fresh fruit or canned fruit? As long as the customer is willing to pay a sufficient price, the Master will make a fully customized to meet project.

Derivative business opportunities on the same retractable banner stand, the most common types of bread consumption, such as Mexican bread, pineapple bread, fruit tarts, check focus, the previous day for orders scheduled to ensure that food to fresh and customization bread. Also are in line with the needs of the customer, the bakery where the bread is almost always sold bare, to reduce unsold wasted cost burden. Surgeon responsible for the baker, need to be able to operate the Internet page, the proper management of cash flow, and has the ability to make bread.

Now three, five steps on a bakery portrait bread consumers need to experience inside the shop, taste color, smell, taste, can be obtained on the network the same feelings? How pictures should be able to win the trust of customers, this creative operators are required to overcome the problem.


If the province pawnshops connect on the same page when products, the formation of the province's largest second-hand high-priced goods market, then the consumer will have more more choices, more particularly, pawn goods usually only product, even if the appearance is the same, each situation, the conditions are so different, and also test the integrity of the pawn shop, and set up a scoring mechanism to record each transaction, so the good money expulsion bad money, I believe that under the operation of this architecture, even in Hualien pawnshops can therefore "going out".

Entrepreneurs need some retractable banner stands to promote their website.  In addition, they should have some pawn experience, familiar with the valuation, collection, preservation pawnshops operating mode, and are familiar with online shopping, especially auction sites, and then combined to create web pages, animation skilled in the art on display in the chain of pawnshops auction website, blog all pawn shop goods, suggested retail price, the store's merchandise presented in front of potential buyers in the country.

Xiao Ming save money for a long time, you want to buy a notebook computer, but the first to use a notebook computer, he does not want to buy too good, want to buy a second hand like he found, in addition to the auction on the network, E pawnshops actually exist inside the computer is not bad, even digital cameras together to buy, cheaper to arouse his interest, intend to take a trip, then he queries the local pawnshop past trading records on the Internet as well as a letter appraisal, think there is no problem, he would go out.

Of course, in addition to want to compete with the eBay auction site, cash flow, logistics, intelligence, stream (who want to buy, what to sell) the risk and who bears it. Conversely, branched out into the world of virtual network transactions in the auction of diamonds, watches and other pawnshops there is general Internet auction party valuation, verifying authenticity backed by technology, and business integrity.

If the network the e pawn shop can achieve from pawn shop is no longer like the traditional form is so mysterious or opaque pawn goods online public display, even including public bidding, can greatly increase the pawn goods liquidity activation pawnshops funds use .

Veterinary even shop

Dogs sick! 2:00, Mandy says to call her boyfriend, she raised Maltese dogs constantly screams, do not know how to do it so late, where to find a veterinarian it?

Retractable Banner Stand displaying the website of an online veterinary Shop "can help Mandy solve the problem, it is a 24-hour shifts veterinarian clinics affiliated websites, chain alliance and the province, so scheduling veterinarians from across the province, a network Road cameras can start Easy distance to see the doctor to determine if you need emergency veterinary hospital immediately sent to help pet owners.

In addition, many pet of the main people at home do not need to wait until a serious condition was taken to the hospital, often little wrong people paranoid, nor comfortable. Old age the prevalence of low birth rate means that pets, also said there will be a variety of incurable diseases, the chameleon seems no longer discolored, family kitten has been caught ears, can be contagious disease? Perhaps the Internet can be found out, but if the doctor personally Internet interrogation on top of what the owner assured With this mechanism, so that the owner can even without a day off for the pet to the company.

Veterinary even shop "is not an ordinary pet store, it has a resident physician outside the network Clinic physician responsible for to answer the masters of the issues on the Internet, and if necessary, you can also see by webcam clinics, eliminating the need many masters out a trip to the clinic. Participating veterinarians must know how to chat on the Internet, with the software and hardware of the veterinary clinic.

Want to operators consider network outpatient time charge can also specify the doctors to see the doctor, higher charges. Sometimes the situation is not necessarily need to see the doctor, maybe just master overly worried, I hope to get some knowledge, chat charges can be calculated separately, and the open pages of incurable diseases pets often encountered in the past year announced What are the symptoms, especially the attention to how to heal, as well as follow-up.